The Shiatsu College Residential 2022 - ‘Contain and Connect’

At Rydall Hall, in the beautiful Lake District - 1st - 4th April 2022

  Our programm for the Residential this year includes:

* ’Contain and connect’ - technique masterclass (Anne Palmer)
*  Flexible bodies, stable bodies: working with hypermobility (Hannah Mackay) 
* ‘‘Contain and connect’ - Working with the Ether and Astral bodies (Nicola Ley) 
* The structure of awareness (Adam Hellinger) 
* Walk of remembrance along the Coffin Route (Anne Palmer) 
* Energy Locks, Lao Tzu and Clay Vessels (Annie Cryar)
*  A deepening connection - working with clients who have had adverse childhood experiences (Hannah Mackay)

*As well as Group walks,  Morning exercises,  Evening social activities and shiatsu swaps. 


This year the Residential is open to advanced students, graduates, practitioners and teachers of Shiatsu, from any school of Shiatsu. 

The cost of £360 covers full board and accommodation plus a small admin fee. If you are local to the venue, please ask about day delegate options.

Come and join us – meet and exchange with Shiatsu folk from around the country – and take your Shiatsu to a new level!!


Previous venues have included Oxon Hoath Manor (picture above). 

Please contact Hannah Mackay of the Manchester Branch – – or your local Branch of the Shiatsu College – for more details and to book your place.