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The Norwich Branch of the Shiatsu College holds its classes at the Wellbeing Centre, a lovely central venue, with spacious rooms, leafy views and its own garden for outdoor exercises and summer picnic lunches. We can also offer simple overnight accommodation at the Shiatsu Centre clinic for students travelling from afar.

We’re working on a new plan for future classes in 2021-22 – since the pandemic has interrupted our usual approach. Please visit our local Norwich Branch website for more information:

We are a co-operatively run branch of the Shiatsu College UK. Our collective consists of Shakura Meddings, Basti Deans, Cat Westwood, Dinah John and Cliff Andrews. Celia Little and Sylvie Marshall provide further teaching support.
01603 632555
Norwich Wellbeing Centre, 15 Chapel Field East, Norwich, NR2 1SF
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Term Dates & Fees

Fees 2021/22
Fees 2022/23
Various payment options are available such as monthly instalments, please enquire for details.
Although we offer easy payments terms, starting the course does make you liable to pay the full balance of the fees, whether you complete the course or not.
All fees include registration with LASER learning for course accreditation.
Please make contact and we will send you a registration form.  Secure your place by returning the completed registration form and paying the non-refundable deposit. (if the course is undersubscribed we reserve the right to cancel or postpone, in which case your deposit will be returned to you swiftly.)
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Term Dates 2021/22
Term Dates 2022/23

Teaching Team

Dinah John

Dinah’s love of life and of Shiatsu manifest in the great enthusiasm she brings to her teaching. She is endlessly interested in and fascinated by human beings and she touches profoundly all those who work with her. Practising Shiatsu and Qigong for over 30 years, she has been an editor of the Shiatsu Society Journal since 1997, a teacher at post-graduate level for over 25 years and is a popular guest teacher both in the UK and Europe – known for her clarity, humour and generosity of spirit, as well as her rich experience. She was originally an English literature graduate and trained as a teacher of English.

Cliff Andrews

Cliff Andrews is an internationally renowned Shiatsu teacher who is invited to teach regularly throughout Europe and in the USA and Australia. He has been practising Shiatsu since 1981 and, following his apprenticeship with pioneering teacher Pauline Sasaki, he went on to work alongside her for 25 years – creating a coherent development for the Masunaga Zen Shiatsu system. In 1986 Cliff co-founded the Shiatsu College, and in 1992 he established the Post-Graduate CPD programme, now at Cliff has developed many advanced Shiatsu techniques and has worked with eminent scientists, such as James Oschman and Emilio del Guidice, in developing an understanding of the scientific basis for Shiatsu and energy medicine. Cliff is renowned for his clear, structured and supportive teaching style.

Sebastian Deans

Sebastian Deans loves seeing life’s beauty and humour from many angles, and he brings this quality to his teaching, with simple explanations.  He has been training and practising in Norfolk since 2004, assisting at the Norwich branch since 2007. He has now joined the teaching team for the College as well as running his own Shiatsu workshops in the North Norfolk countryside.  Sebastian also practices Reiki, Qi Gong and parenting.

Teaching Team

Shakura Meddings
FwSS Teacher Training

Shakura has been practising Shiatsu since 2006 and has become a vital part of the Shiatsu Centre team, working as a teaching assistant at the College, assisting in the delivery of Post-Graduate courses, organising international seminars, events and training. She has recently completed a 2 year Qigong Healing course with Master Liu, enhancing her skills, depth of knowledge and experience. Shakura is also a qualified Holistic Massage therapist.

Cat Westwood
MrSS Teacher Training

Cat's interest in Shiatsu developed originally from her dance training in Body Weather Laboratory - a Japanese contemporary dance form which utilises nature and the environment. After studying with Oguri in Los Angeles in 2010, she went on to train in Zen Shiatsu with the Shiatsu College Brighton. Cat is also a Meridian Yoga Teacher and International Movement Artist. Cat has experience of working in a variety of settings, including the Martlets Hospice in Hove and with the Lewes FC Mental Well-Being football teams project. She continues to develop her bodywork practice through attending regular CPD courses and is now a Teaching Assistant at the Shiatsu College Norwich, poised to complete her formal Shiatsu Teacher Training.

Further Teaching Support

Sylvie Marshall

Sylvie’s teaching is informed by her drama and counselling background and also by a fascination with concepts of Ki awareness. She has taught at several branches of the Shiatsu College, as well as working regularly with students in Norwich, and she has run occasional courses in Italy. Sylvie has maintained a busy Shiatsu practice for over 20 years and she is also a Teacher Trainer for the Shiatsu Society UK

Celia Little

Celia Little has been practising and teaching Shiatsu for nearly 25 years and she is an Assessor and Mentor for the Shiatsu Society. As a Shiatsu teacher Celia has an earthy and experiential style, drawing on aspects of Authentic Movement, Body-Mind Centering, Japenese Butoh and Voice Movement Integration. From a passion for somatic work that began in the 80s, Celia’s present interest is ‘moving in nature’. She finds experiencing life, simple ‘presence’ and spirituality through the body can become paramount and she is part of an ongoing group that dances in unique outdoor spaces. Celia offers outdoor workshops and regular classes.