Shiatsu College Manchester

The Manchester Branch of Shiatsu College is located in the heart of Manchester in the iconic cultural hub of the Northern Quarter within easy walking distance of both train stations. Classes take place at the beautiful studios of The Bodywise Natural Health Centre above the peaceful Manchester Buddhist Centre with the delicious Earth Cafe downstairs and an exciting selection of good food on our doorstep.

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Shiatsu College Manchester

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Dates for 2021/22:

Term 1

Sep 25-26 2021
Oct 16-17
Nov 13-14
Dec 4-5

Term 2

Jan 8-9 2022
Feb 5-6
Mar 5-6
April 9-10

Term 3

May 7-8
June 11-12
July 2-3

Fees for 2021/22:

Year 1

(Acupressure Certificate)

(includes online Anatomy course)

Year 2

(Shiatsu Diploma)

(includes online Physiology & Pathology course)

Year 3

(Shiatsu Diploma)

(includes online Physiology & Pathology course; April Residential)

All fees include registration with LASER learning for course accreditation.

Additional Workshops & Classes:

Refresher Day @ Bodywise
Sep 4 @ 10:30 am – 5:30 pm

Want to give your shiatsu a boost?  Connect with colleagues?  Come along to our refresher day.

We will be giving and receiving shiatsu, doing some Do-In, Qi Gong and stretches.


Please click here to visit the Workshops & Classes page for a list of all of the events from every branch of the Shiatsu College

Manchester Teaching Team:

Anne Palmer MSc MBAcC FwSS

Anne’s early work in Medical Genetics, together with her Shiatsu, Tai Chi and Acupuncture practice, contribute to her ongoing fascination with the miracle that is the human body/mind/spirit. Her teaching is laced with a mischievous sense of humour and she is thrilled when her students also experience the possibility of the universe as a harmonious whole. She is an Editor for the Shiatsu Society Journal, former Chair of Shiatsu Society and her Acupuncture MSc Dissertation was on Shiatsu for people with shoulder pain.

Mandy Mosley NCAD.Dip FwSS

Mandy sees Shiatsu as having a huge and exciting potential for change for the individual on all levels. She works with various community & health initiative projects (eg Age UK) Mandy uses Shiatsu in workplace and corporate environments and she started Tai Chi and Qigong whilst living in a Camphill community. Originally an Art College graduate, Mandy is also a potter.

Hannah Mackay PhD BA FwSS

Hannah is a creative person and expresses her curiosity of life through the writing of poetry. She also enjoys exploring energy and embodiment through movement and dance. Hannah has a very inquisitive nature which comes across in her exploration of how best to facilitate her students in gaining their own understanding of Shiatsu and Chinese Medicine. She has a background in academic research (psychotherapy and complementary medicine) which really supports her role as a Shiatsu teacher. Hannah has also completed a specialist training in using shiatsu to support mothers during pregnancy and childbirth.

Karey Taylor MA, Acupuncture Dip. FWSS

Karey was drawn to Shiatsu as an antidote to a stressful career in managing hostels for homeless people. Having known little about Shiatsu at the time, she felt compelled to study it and changed jobs so to give space for it in her life. She has continued to develop as a practitioner, studying Acupuncture to broaden her understanding of Traditional Chinese Medicine and moving into Sei Ki practice as a way to deepen her Shiatsu and connection with people and the universe. Karey has always been driven by a desire for social justice and equality and continues to work as an advocate for children in care.