Sei-ki and Clean Language: Exploring Resonance through Words and ‘Touch’

March 29, 2019 @ 4:00 pm – March 31, 2019 @ 6:00 pm
Gong Bodywork
34-44 Tunstall Road
Brixton, London
Jane Lyons
Sei-ki and Clean Language: Exploring Resonance through Words and 'Touch' @ Gong Bodywork

Open to Shiatsu Practitioners

One’s life is conducted by one’s spirit…a treatment has to move the spirit to restore wellbeing…In creating a quiet space through a quiet mind and body, illumination comes…The spirit moves because the environment of the space encourages it to be moved….Well-rooted presence and virtue of the practitioner are key to this environment.  Close windows and shut doors to create a space that is calm and quiet enough for concentration, so you can promote a relationship of unity between your spirit and the patient. [Ling Shu (1,8,9) and Su Wen (27)]

In Shiatsu, we know the power of touch, yet for centuries manual therapy has been considered the lowest of the healing arts, across cultures.  It is urgent we change this and put Shiatsu and/or Sei-ki in its proper place as the King (or Queen) of medicine, as Masunaga intended.  Touch is the missing piece of the mindfulness revolution and we have a great opportunity to present this to the world.  To do so, we must become more skilled with language and develop sesshin, our inner space of authority from which to speak.

This workshop is the first of many to explore language and touch and the questions we must ask ourselves, alongside the language of touch, in sesshin.  In this combination of Sei-Ki and Clean Language, Alice Whieldon and Nick Pole bring a collaborative approach to teaching and learning, with the aim of helping you find your own best way to explore the sense of yourself as person and practitioner.

This workshop:

  • Will develop listening touch (sesshin) to let the body speak
  • With a few simple questions, invite the verbal mind to listen and resume its role as the intelligent servant of the heart
  • Will sharpen your skill in language to develop discernment and authority
  • Will place the role of practitioner within a wider context of history and society
  • Facilitate you in building your practitioner identity and ability to speak about what you do
  • Give you tools to work with your clients with language, complimentary to your touch
  • This is a collaborative space where you are supported in experimenting; together we can experience the joy that comes from breaking down the walls between us

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