DaoShu post-grad Introduction Course

The DaoShu  道 術 of Shiatsu and QiGong

Integrative post-graduate course for teachers and practitioners

Chinese and Japanese Medicine offer two paths to healing: self-cultivation and treatment.  The Masters of the Eastern traditions are seen as teacher-therapists, their work as warp and weft of the texture of life.  In the West, on the other hand, two distinct professions developed, going their own, separate way.  Alternative Schooling and Healing, while doing its best to pick up loose ends and mend holes, are – due to the predominant cultural framework – themselves not unaffected by the prevalent paradigm split 

This course provides a unique opportunity to broaden your understanding of the  DàoShù 道 術, the interwoven “techniques of the Way”. You will deepen your own practice while studying Eastern and Western ways to bring ease, spontaneity and effortless efficacy to your work as teacher and therapist of QiGong.

As an assessed course, it is suitable for broader professional development as well as singular CPD accumulation. Completion of the whole course can be expected to meet the requirements of a level 5 training.

Location:    MS Centre Southwick, West Sussex. Southwick has a railway station, five minutes walk from the venue, which borders on the recreation grounds. A small tea kitchen provides kettle, crockery, cutlery, fridge and a microwave. Places to buy food or eat out are found in the village centre nearby.

Course Content: An overview of what we will explore and learn, will  be posted separately soon. A detailed prospectus is also being developed.  

Course structure:     The course will run over 10 weekends, plus an introduction weekend. While this has been scheduled separately to help you find out if our approach can inspire your Heart and Mind and further your work, it is also obligatory for those who are decided to join the course. In either case, it is important to register and pay for this weekend by Jan 30th 2022. The fee of £150 will count towards your deposit for the first module of the course, when you sign up.

Dates:     Introduction: 26/27 Feb 2022

Module 1   2022       March 19/20 May 21/22    June 18/19 July 02/03

Module 2  2022        Oct 29/30      Nov 26/27     Dec 17/18

Module 3  2023        Jan 28/29      Feb 25/26      March 25/26

Who can apply: This being a post-grad assessed course certain access criteria want to be met. Details are about to appear on the DaoShu post.

This said, what we really hope you can bring to the course is your knowledge and expertise, the wish to listen and learn from others, curiosity, openness to change, and many inspired questions, the answers to which we will find together.

Cost: £ 150 per weekend, to be paid in advance before each module. Depending on numbers, a percentage between 30%  and 50% of all takings will go to the MS Centre Southwick (charity No:  801075).

Booking:  To run the course, we need a minimum of 6 participants, and will not take more then 12.  It is essential that you register your interest in good time so we can plan and you can take the opportunity to let us know how the course may serve you. The course content is conceptualised to accommodate a student-led approach.

Contact:   Register your interest via the my contact page on www.qimoving.co.uk