Whether you are interested in developing a satisfying new career in the healing arts or wanting a holistic method to explore your personal development, Shiatsu offers huge benefits to everyone – in maintaining health, developing mindful touch, enabling self-healing and creating deep connections with others.

At all our Branches we deliver training for the 3 year professional Shiatsu Diploma and the 1 year Acupressure Certificate. Both of these courses are nationally accredited, insurable and our Diploma is fully ratified by the Shiatsu Society UK – so graduates are able directly to join the Professional Practitioners Register (MrSS)

Individual Branches offer a wide variety of shorter Workshops & Classes

Courses are open to complete beginners

The Shiatsu College also offers Teacher Training programmes in Yoga  and Qigong and a Government Recognised Certificate in Education and Training ( Level 4) – Open to Shiatsu graduates and other complementary therapists who are interested in a teaching qualification.

CPD courses are also provided for practitioners as part of their continuing professional development

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Acupressure Certificate

Gain an accredited qualification in Acupressure in 10 months.
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Level 4 RQF Diploma in Shiatsu

Now a Government Recognised Qualification –  Training to full professional MrSS Shiatsu Practitioner status.
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Workshops & Classes

A range of Qi based activities to learn new skills, for your own enjoyment and to support your wellbeing.
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Qigong Teacher Training

A 2 year Qigong teacher training course with Level 4 RQF option.
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 Yoga Teacher Training

A 2 year Yoga teacher training course with Level 4 RQF option.
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Anatomy & Physiology Course

Online training in Anatomy and Physiology and Pathology.
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